What office spearheads the truth to the body of Christ? Examples are given to us in the former rain. What is required to lead the church?
Did God ordain denominations? The role of apostles and prophets. The true body of Christ that is coming together in one.
They say they are Jews and are not. Natural Jews and spiritual Jews. How to believe with your heart.
What is "born again"? What is "born of the water"? What is "born of the Spirit"?
The Elijah ministry in restoration before the Second Advent. The sealing of God's servants. The coming of our Lord JESUS.
The unity of the faith. One mind and in one accord. The Gospel of the kingdom will be preached.
Social Ecology in Environmental Ethics. The only solution. Obedience unto righteousness.
If you believe on JESUS, you believe on Him that sent him. Emmanuel is "God with us" not "Son of God with us". Only One Person in the Godhead.
God's promise to the church concerning their land. The ruler's heart is in the hand of God. Evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse.
Monogenes is not natural born. Only begotten is the sole, one kind, or nature. JESUS did not have a dual nature. JESUS had only one nature and that of God.
Written within and on the backside. The ephah with a woman. Famine, pestilence, sword, and noisome beasts.
Signs, miracles, and lying wonders. Signs following false prophets and false Christ. Those who do not love the truth will be damned.
Believers must have on a wedding garment for eternal Life. How to believe with your heart in your spirit. As many as been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
Believers will never be the Word made flesh. JESUS is the Word made flesh. Messiah is the only God manifest.
How JESUS Christ is that God. The Son of God is come. The Holy One is explained.
Why salvation is dependent on being established in the doctrine of Christ. The Christ is both the Anointed and the Anointing. Why the doctrine of Christ is essential for salvation.
The Holy Ghost is JESUS Christ. The Lord JESUS IS that Spirit. JESUS is the blessed and only Potentate.
Personally doing the will of God is required. Charity is defined. Charity is the bond or guarantee of perfection.
Revealing the work of the ministry. God will uncover the cedar work. The time is now for the body of Christ to come together.
The Father, Word, and Holy Ghost are One and the same Spirit. Son of God is the Word MADE flesh. Christ the Son of God is the Father revealed.