Only one Person, not three, in the Godhead. JESUS is the man who has been made a quickening spirit. The work of the ministry will reveal JESUS Only as God.
One mind and one accord is essential. Hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. The work of the ministry is dependent on the body of Christ coming together in one.
No person knew the work of judgment. The wise shall understand this present truth. Full perfection in the image of JESUS is required.
Know how to test and try spirits. What "JESUS Christ is come in the flesh" actually means in truth. Why the wordly church goes to familiar spirits and wizards.
Try the spirits. Know the true revelation of JESUS. You will know what John in his epistle states for trying all spirits.
Matthew 16:6 - Did JESUS sit at dinner with a leper? Was Simon the leper really in truth a leper? Can you trust the scriptures to be the inspired Word of God?
Obedience is required unto righteousness. Faith is the substance of things hoped for not things behind. Faith is "Now Truth" the proceeding Truth of the Word.
The body of Christ must not only know that JESUS is the Father, but must also know the work of God. The body of Christ is called for the work of the ministry. The church has grown from Pentecostal to Tabernaclist.
DBM/JCIC Sunday Service. Behold the Real JESUS!
The ones that die in faith having never received the promise will be made perfect when the body of Christ is perfected. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Growing up in JESUS in all things of faith.
Take heed how we hear the present truth. Not Pentecostal, but throne room revelation. There remains a rest to the true people of God.
Know how to be a truly born again believer. Why water baptism is essential for salvation. Praying in the Spirit.
The Revelation of JESUS Christ is the One and only true God. There is but One Person of God. JESUS is the Almighty God!
God is sealing His servants now by His Word in present truth. Perfection by laying up treasures in heaven. Going from the physical realm of the believer to the spiritual.
Damnable heresies revealed. Deny the only Lord God, JESUS Christ. Vessels of destruction.
The church is the body which is of Christ. Those who sin willfully find no room for repentance. Those who call the body of Christ 'thou fool' are in danger of hell fire.