What does Zerubbabel have to do with the Last Day sealing of God's people? Zerubbabel is a signet or a sign. We are all called for the work of the JESUS ministry.
God will shake the heavens. Only the remnant of the church will remain. This is the New Thing.
Fathers are to be sealed. Servants of God sealed in their foreheads. The new season is upon us the church.
Cherubims shadowing the mercy seat. Saints have the honour of judgment in the Day of the LORD.
JESUS the man is God. People called by the name of JESUS must seek His face. We must go on to perfection to be a glorious church.
Endure hardship as a good soldier. So a believer will be counted worthy of the Kingdom of God. Crucifying the flesh with the affections and the lusts.
God loves a cheerful giver. The administration of this service of giving supplies, not only the needs, but also the wants of the believers. God making all grace to abound to you.
Grace reigns through righteousness. What is righteousness? Grace is multiplied by obedience unto righteousness.
When the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth? What is the Son of man revelation? Why is this so important for the true body of Christ?
Why the spoken Word is so important. The word of faith has to be preached. Iniquity will abound.
What is the water? What is the blood? Who is JESUS Christ?
Jezebel revealed. "Things" sacrificed to idols. Servants of God being seduced.
What is required of our Lord JESUS to be accounted worthy of the Kingdom of God? Sanctification is required both spirit, soul, and body. The move of God is happening now!
Why is sanctification so necessary for salvation? The desires of the flesh must be crucified in order to please God. Those who love money and worldly religions will not make heaven.
Join the DBM team to bring present truth to nations. Do not let the new wine dry up. The oil of truth must be obeyed, or it will LANGUISH!
The work of the ministry. The two witnesses. Revealing JESUS is the One God, Father of all, the one Spirit of God.
The new wine is cut off. Ministers are to mourn. Walk in the present truth of the Word of God.
What is "holiness"? How is "holiness" acquired by the believer? How important is obedience to the leading of the Holy Ghost?
The Son of God is the foundation of the church which is Christ. The doctrine of Christ is essential for salvation. The Bible never states, "God the Son" but the "Son of God".
DBM/JCIC Sunday Service 08-07-22. Behold the Real JESUS!