Only those will be sealed who know the Word of God in Present Truth. God is gathering His body into one. These will be given power - not Pentecostal but Tabernaclist.
Deuteronomy 31 - write the song. Exodus 15 is the beginning of the Song of Moses. Song of Moses - things to the believer.
How do you know that you know Jesus? Is obedience required unto righteousness? Does each member […]
The 4 heads revealed spiritually in the true believer. 4 carpenters revealed. 4 faces of JESUS revealed in the true believers in the last days.
Judgments of God made manifest. JESUS, Moses, and Elijah. Men will learn who JESUS is, the only Lord God.
Know who JESUS is. Christ is JESUS who is all offices of the Spirit. JESUS is the Father (John 8:24).
We, believers, are to contend for the faith that was delivered to the early church. Damnable heresies and perverse things have denied thy Only Lord God. We as true believers are to proclaim the Real JESUS as One.
Paul stated that grievous wolves would come in among the true church. Perverse things spoken not sparing the flock. Jude said these ungodly men are they that turn grace into lasciviousness.
How to Hear and Know the Voice of God Working Out Your own Salvation Knowing Gods […]
The Doctrine of Christ is Essential For Salvation We have to abide in the doctrine of […]
There is only one Lord God who is JESUS Only.
JESUS commanded 'Be ye therefore perfect". Only those that have done the perfect will of God will enter the kingdom of heaven. Many believers do not think they can be perfect in this world.
Certain men have crept in the church denying the real JESUS. One must be established in the doctrine of Christ. Christ is every office and function of the One Spirit Who is God.
Make sure you are a spiritual Jew and not a synagogue of satan. The essential of having your spirit circumcised. Water baptism in the name of JESUS Christ is the only way to wash away your sins.
Doctrines of baptisms, laying on of hands, faith towards God, etc. You cannot let one promise slip to enter into eternal rest. Know the present truth.
Who Are The Two Witnesses in These Last Days? Why the law requires 2 witnesses The […]
If God is bearing witness in you as a true believer, then please join DBM in this present truth.
JESUS is the Only Potentate JESUS who only has immortality. The true believer must be established in the doctrine of Christ JESUS Only.
He confirms His Word with signs, miracles, divers wonders and gifts of the Holy Ghost.