Into ALL Truth. The Body of Christ as John in the spirit of Elijah. The Church knows ALL Things of faith which is the Testimony of JESUS.
Man lives by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. The golden oil versus the olive oil. Throne room revelation is the Present Truth of God.
Growing up into JESUS in ALL THINGS. JESUS IS NOW doing the New Thing. God is giving to you, the believer, the faith that was once delivered to the saints.
Obedience is required to go from faith to faith. The greatest is Charity. Why Charity is the guarantee of reaching perfection.
Born of the water and of the Spirit. Baptism does save us. Acts 2:38 explained.
What is the doctrine of Christ? Christ is all offices of the Spirit. Whosoever does not abide in the doctrine of Christ has not God.
What is "rmd" thousand? Who are the servants of God and what is the "seal"? Why is the order of the tribes listed in Revelation 7 changed?
The Sign(et) is "et"; the Aleph-Tav. The Aleph-Tav is JESUS - all that is God from A to Z. The season in present truth is the "golden oil" from the throne.
A believer must do the will of God. A believer must obey the leading of the Holy Ghost unto righteousness. A believer must be partaker of God's divine nature.
What the Song of Moses means to the church. What is sealed up among God's treasures to be revealed in the last days? God's judgments revealed to bring people to the true revelation of Christ.
How do you believe with your heart? How obedience to the Holy Ghost is required unto righteousness. Without holiness, no one will see the Lord.
God's ways are judgment used to correct us. We as believers must be willing to change for truth. God's rod and staff are being used now on the church.
All God's ways are judgment. The call to return to the True God. Godhead IS ONE… not a trinity!
Who is the "certain" saint - Palmoni? What is the voice of many waters? What is the "work of the ministry"?
What glory have you obtained in the Lord JESUS? You must be transformed in your mind. Coming to the image of JESUS.