Natural law versus Spiritual Law. Works of the flesh versus obedience to God.
The Mystery of the Rock revealed as never before. The shocking revelation of Christ. Few will be saved?
Every believer is called to obtain this truth. Pentecostals to Tabernaclists. Tabernaclists are in a higher glory than Pentecostals.
Pre - Mid - Post Tribulation. Why the truth concerning the catching up to meet the LORD in the air is so important. The Great Deception.
Restoration of all things. The faith that was once delivered to the saints. Mount of transfiguration.
The mystery of the living creatures, the Tabernaclist season, and going higher than Pentecostal.
The mystery of Melchizedek. How to be skilled in the word of righteousness. Grace reigns through righteousness.
Christ's levels of sealing. The various engravings revealed.
Who and What is Christ? What is truth as a seal? God is sealing His servants now who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying in present truth to all who believe.
What we as the body of Christ are contending for revealed by the Word. Faith to Charity which will cover a multitude of sins.
How to believe "in" or "on" the Lord JESUS Christ. "To believe" in or on JESUS explained and the Truth revealed.