Truth is progressive. Four stages of growth in the Lord. Those who will be presented blameless at His coming.
What is sanctification? Christians are called to be saints. Holiness.
Red heifer being a perpetual statute. Sabbath also a perpetual covenant. The true seal of the living God.
We do not debate the Word of God. True ministers of God are easily entreated. It is line upon line here a little and there a little to all truth.
Why few have the true grace of God. Christ generation. Full-grown mature Christians.
Prophets of the grove explained. Tradition that has made the Word of God to none effect. Present proceeding Word of God by which man lives by.
All God's ways are judgment. Judgments are to get mankind to return to the true and only God. Famine, pestilence, sword, and noisome beasts.
The Present Truth - The Sealing of God's People by His Word in Present Truth
Knowing the purpose and will of God. Fathers heart to the children and the heart of the children to the fathers. Full maturity.
Why it is so important not to add or take away the things. Salvation is dependent upon obedience. Judgments of God reveal His righteousness.
The present proceeding Word of God. The Word that signifies God's work. The present truth that we must receive.
True Christians must obey God rather than man. Governments of men will abound in iniquity. Iniquity is lawlessness chaos that prevails in the last days.
Kingdom office is the Son of man. The coming of the Lord in the latter rain. Ask the Lord God for the latter rain.
Surviving tribulation. The work of the ministry. As it was in the days of Noah.
The Mountain of Transfiguration. What this mountain means to you. The work of the ministry for every member of the body of Christ.
One God JESUS Only doctrine. The righteousness of God. The transformation of your mind.
The present truth is the proceeding Word of God. God is doing it now. The church must receive the Present Truth of the Word of God to be pleasing to Him.
In your patience, you possess your soul. The strange work of God. Judgments upon the earth.
Hear O Israel the LORD our God is one LORD. God's judgment increasing with intensity. JESUS' true identity being revealed.
Why tribulation and persecution are on the body of Christ. The sealing of God is in the forehead. Full-grown maturity is required.