The mystery of the testimony, the Ark of the Covenant within the vail in the work of the ministry of the body of Christ.
The sealing of God’s people. We are growing up into Him in all things through the feasts of charity. Charity must be obtained which is the final step of glory in the fathers to be sealed in their foreheads the servants of God. We find in 2 Peter 1, these steps of glory that we must add to our faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and finally charity. The ones that say we do not go on to perfection are spots in the feasts of charity because they do not believe the Word of God. They must come to perfection. The ones that do believe that there is more for the body of Christ will come to the feast of charity. Charity is the final step in glory for the fathers to be sealed in their foreheads.
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Christ fulfilled all the Feasts of the LORD. This only way to eat the flesh of JESUS and to drink His blood is through obedience to these Feasts of the LORD which is a shadow of things to come in faith to be revealed in and through the body of Christ.
Godliness must be obtained in order to be sealed by the LORD JESUS before the last three “woe” trumpets. How through obedience you as a believer goes from faith to faith in adding each level to your growth to full maturity.