The body of Christ being measured in Truth. Zerubbabel is the sign and signet of sealing of believers. Tabernaclists, not Pentecostals.
Coniah curse of Jeremiah 33 explained. Neri expounded in Mary's genealogy. Zerubbabel is the signet - the sealing Word of God's servants.
Why Zerubbabel is listed on both the kingly and fleshly lineage of David. Zerubbabel is the signet. Zerubbabel has laid the foundation he will surely finish it.
Walls carved with figures of cherubims, palm trees, and open flowers. The believers who are chosen for the work of the ministry. Holiness is required to enter the kingdom of heaven.
To find and do the will of God is essential in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. The faith dealt to every man is not a general faith, but an individual faith given in order to do God's individual particular will for that believer. Each member in particular in the body of Christ must do God's will for their life.
Book of Acts pauses in the last chapters noting the Euroclydon. Wilderness wind not to fan nor to purge. False prophets and ministers deceived by "peace".
The mystery of the Father revealed. Christ is the Father. Christ is every office and function of the Spirit.
Grace reigns through righteousness. Righteousness is knowing JESUS as the Christ. All who have pleasure in unrighteousness will be damned.
The wicked shaken out of the earth. Seal up the vision and the prophecy. The work of the ministry revealed through the church.
God wounds, heals, kills, and makes alive. When JESUS' judgments are in the earth, men will learn righteousness. Church will sing the Song of Moses.
Church sees through the glass the full glory of the LORD. Church is receiving ALL Truth. The ministry voice of JESUS.
What does it mean to confess "JESUS Christ is come in the flesh"? Peace versus the sword. Judgments of God reveal righteousness.
The walls of cedar revealed. Unrighteousness is judged by JESUS. JESUS reveals His name which is His identity.
God reveals the deep and secret things of faith. JESUS requires the church to grow up into Him in ALL Things. JESUS commands us to be perfect.
Not a hearer of the Word, but a doer of the Word. Each individual believer called for a particular work. The quest for eternal life is to do the will of God.
In Christ is hid all treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Christ is the Only Begotten of God. God's judgments in the earth are to reveal Himself Who is JESUS Only.
Some believers will seal their testimony with their own blood. The blood of the saints is the seed for growth of the church. We don't fear those that can kill the body.
The body of Christ gives righteous judgments. The two witnesses are the body of Christ. The work of the ministry obtained by the true church.
Cherubim reveals JESUS' 4 faces. The church will reveal the same 4 faces of JESUS. JESUS will be revealed as the Father.
The 4 beasts are the living creatures. The 4 beasts are the redeemed. The 4 beasts are the cherubims that will reveal the glory of JESUS.