Christ is the Spirit (the Father). Christ is the Son of God (the man). Christ is the Rock, the foundation of the church.
The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage. True believers speak and minister with authority. JESUS, as well as the apostles, never whispered but spoke in the Holy Ghost.
What is Charity? Elijah ministry of restoration. Last day work of the ministry.
What is the unity of the faith for each member of the body of Christ? Why the present truth in the Word of God is essential. Will the body of Christ be perfected before the Second Advent?
Fathers know Him that is from the beginning. Fathers who are full-grown to the image of JESUS Christ. They are the servants that have the mind of Christ and are sealed in Revelation 7.
Pentecost = Old Wine Skins. Tabernacles = New Wine Skins. Walk in the Present Truth. Body of Christ going into ALL TRUTH.
Not going backward to Pentecost, but forward to Tabernacles. You are a Tabernaclist, not a Pentecostal. Are you, as a believer, in the Present Truth?
A Biblical checklist to see how you are doing. How to examine ourselves Biblically. Am I as a believer walking in the Present Truth?
Are you IN the faith? Have you believed with your heart? Do you speak in tongues?
What is the work of the ministry? What has God called you as a member in particular in the body of Christ to do? How to know that you as a member of Christ are doing His will and purpose.
What is cross-less Christianity? What do I do to know the will of God for my life? How can I know the voice of God?
Are you doing what ministry God called you for? Each member in the body of Christ must do the will of God to be saved. Working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Creature moaning and travailing until now. Creature delivered from bondage of corruption. Into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
Euroc'lydon - the tempestuous wind. East wind, not to fan nor to cleanse. East wind is a wilderness, dry wind.
Ezekiel 36-39 war from the north. Israel attacked by all nations. JESUS sanctifies His Holy name among the nations.
The Trinity doctrine exposed. The great Supper of God. The Day of the LORD.
Church has not replaced Israel in "replacement theology". The nation Israel along with spiritual Israel will be saved. God has not cast away the nation of Israel.
False doctrine of devils. The seducing spirits. How to try the spirits to see whether they are of God or not.
What is the chariot? The season of Tabernacles, not Pentecost. Hearing the Voice of JESUS in the Present Truth.