Bible prophecy. Anti-Semite. Wars.
Lord who is Emmanuel. Our Kinsman. God our saviour.
Know what the Bible states about the end. Wrath of God. Those believers who are sealed in their foreheads.
Body of Christ coming into all truth. Into the unity of the faith. Having the testimony of JESUS.
A believer must do the will of God to be saved. Peter tells us how to know. Those who do not know, Peter says they are blind.
Charity will cover a multitude of sins. Charity is the bond of perfectness. Doing the individual's will of God.
Born again versus salvation. Different stages of growth in the Lord JESUS. Must do the will of God.
Obey the divine commission. Lift up JESUS. Walk in the present truth.
Obedience to the voice of JESUS to the 7 churches. Any problem the church faces today is solved by either of the 7 churches. "I know thy works" as stated by JESUS.
What is the present proceeding Truth? Who are the fathers? Pentecostal vs. Tabernaclists.
The "New Thing" is now being revealed to His servants. The sealing of His servants. "Tabernaclists" not "Pentecostals".
Walk in the present truth. Growing up into JESUS into all truth. Work out your own salvation by obedience to the will of God.
The last great rain of God's strength. Last day harvest of souls. The latter rain.
God withholds the latter rain because of lies and deceit. Prophets who prophesy falsely. Pastors rule through false prophets.
Latter rain versus the former rain. The manifested sons of God truth. Present proceeding Word to you.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous. Tribulation and persecution on true believers. The glory revealed to you.
The human spirit must be circumcised by baptism. To believe with the heart is to believe with the spirit. The human spirit must have the body of sin cut off by baptism.
All nations deceived and hatred for Christians. The sealing of God's servants is essential. Last day "work of the ministry".
Destroys many saying peace whereas the sword reaches to the soul. Mainstream denominations are out of the way of present truth. The true and real body of Christ has the leading of the Holy Ghost.