When judgments are in the earth, men will learn who He is. That JESUS is One Spirit and One Person. The revelation of JESUS is that He is that Spirit.
God made male and female one. God looked for a holy and godly seed. The mystery concerning Christ and the church.
Who is Christ the Lord? Why Bethlehem? JESUS is Emmanuel, not Emmanuel Jr.
Son of God is that Spirit of the Father. (Galatians 4:6) The Son is glorified with the Father's own self. (John 17:5) JESUS is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:17)
Circumcision of the heart in your spirit. What is a true spiritual Jew? What happens to your human spirit when you are baptized in the name of JESUS Christ?
We must be established in the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ is the foundation of the church. A believer must dig deep and find that Rock the Christ foundation Rock.
Full grown to the measure of the stature of JESUS. As it was in the days of Noah. Sealing of a sign(et).
The calling, will, and purpose of God on your life must be accomplished. Obedience is required unto righteousness unto holiness. Without holiness, no person will be saved.
The revelation of JESUS through His body. Last day work of the ministry. Fathers being sealed in their foreheads.
A capsule description of the work of God. The meaning of the 12 stars. The meaning of the sun and moon concerning the woman.
What office spearheads the truth to the body of Christ? Examples are given to us in the former rain. What is required to lead the church?
Did God ordain denominations? The role of apostles and prophets. The true body of Christ that is coming together in one.
They say they are Jews and are not. Natural Jews and spiritual Jews. How to believe with your heart.
What is "born again"? What is "born of the water"? What is "born of the Spirit"?
The Elijah ministry in restoration before the Second Advent. The sealing of God's servants. The coming of our Lord JESUS.
The unity of the faith. One mind and in one accord. The Gospel of the kingdom will be preached.
Social Ecology in Environmental Ethics. The only solution. Obedience unto righteousness.
If you believe on JESUS, you believe on Him that sent him. Emmanuel is "God with us" not "Son of God with us". Only One Person in the Godhead.
God's promise to the church concerning their land. The ruler's heart is in the hand of God. Evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse.
Monogenes is not natural born. Only begotten is the sole, one kind, or nature. JESUS did not have a dual nature. JESUS had only one nature and that of God.