The new wine is the new thing put into new wineskins. The new season of God. Body of Christ having a change of raiment for the new thing.
White Supremacy dividing America. Calling good evil and evil good. Stand for truth in the face of evil.
Why are pastors in the last days prophesying by Baal? What does the spirit of Baal prophesy? Peace when there is no peace.
Those who say they will have no birth pains in tribulation will be destroyed by God. The truth will be revealed only to those who seek God with a pure heart. Few will find the way to life.
If any man abide not in the doctrine of Christ he does not have God. (2 John 9). We must be established in the doctrine of Christ. Christ is every office and function of the Spirit.
Church, as the body of Christ, is being measured in truth. The season that we, the church, are in now is Tabernacles. We are now in throne room revelation, not Pentecostal revelation.
Not church as usual. Only those sealed will enter heaven. Greater than Pentecost.
It will not be church as usual. The radical change from Pentecost to the present season of the church. The believer must be sealed.
Church called for the work of the ministry. The "New Thing". Sealing of God's servants.
Sealing of God's servants. Last day season of Tabernacles. Gospel preached to all the world.
Body of Christ in the work of the ministry. Tabernaclist not Pentecostals. Last day work of the ministry.
Glory JESUS changed. Sealing of God's true servants. The body of Christ must come together.
Last day work of the ministry. Do the will and purpose of God. Charity is love for God in doing His will.
What is the truth of the season of Easter? Death, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord JESUS. Coming back and returning to the true God, JESUS Christ.
The body of Christ is being measured. The sealing of the true servants of God. The work of the JESUS ministry.
God is calling every believer to be fitly joined together. Evil men and seducers growing worse. Tabernaclist is the present season of truth, not Pentecostal.
How God speaks to believers. Sheep know His voice. Obedience is required.
Where came wars? Why have wars? God's judgments.
Bible prophecy. Anti-Semite. Wars.
Lord who is Emmanuel. Our Kinsman. God our saviour.