In what season did God reveal the understanding of the Law? What Feast of the LORD does God reveal ALL TRUTH? The body of Christ will be One!
The work of the ministry addressed. The trumpet judgments of God. The revelation of JESUS as the only true God revealed by judgments.
The silver trumpets explained. The Shofar explained. The body of Christ coming into the unity of the faith.
What is chi-xi-stigma? How does the anti-christ cause mankind to receive the mark of the beast? What is the name and number of the beast which is the number of a man?
The New Commandment of God. Judge nothing before the time. We must love as He loved.
Why the high priest changed his garment. The 2 goats, one for the LORD, and the other for scapegoat (Azazel). How JESUS our great high priest fulfilled it.