Why JESUS who is the Father prayed to the Father. God humbled Himself made Himself of NO reputation. JESUS as a man fulfilled the Law.
Not keeping a natural sabbath. Let no man judge you of the sabbath. (Colossians 2:16b). Sealing is by the Holy Ghost leading into all truth being THE WORD.
Tabernaclists versus Pentecostals. The trumpet the alarm of War. God is doing the New thing.
Not all that say Lord, Lord will be able to enter the Kingdom of heaven. How to renew your mind to do the will of God. Follow the leading of the Holy Ghost by obedience.
Visions of God. Progressive glorification of the Body of Christ. Know the height, depth, length, and width of Christ.
Charity is the Bond (Guarantee) of Perfectness. Charity will cover the multitude of sins. Obedience unto righteousness ends in charity.
The testimony of JESUS is the spirit of prophecy. You are called for the work of the ministry. What are the cherubims?