Christ the Spirit vs. Christ the man. JESUS' resurrection vs. JESUS' ascension. JESUS glorified with the Father.
Veil rent making one new man. God made Himself of no reputation to take on a body of flesh. JESUS - Jehovah Is Salvation by His Sprirt.
Essential for the sealing of the servants of God (the church). To birth Christ in you to the fullest. Fully mature Christians.
Seven (7) is a number of perfection. We are called to go to the measure of the stature of JESUS. Growing up into JESUS in ALL things.
Christ the Spirit in relation to Christ the man. The humiliation and glorification of Christ. Christ is the Father Who is the Son. 1 John 2:22.
Cherubim are two olive trees who are the living creatures. The beasts of Revelation are not angels. The beasts or living creatures will preach the Gospel to all the world.
Angels are "messengers". Ministering spirits to those who are heirs of salvation. Angels used by JESUS for judgments upon the earth.
God's strange work, His strange act. Newborn babes, little children, young men, fathers. Who are the 4 beasts?
Sealing of God's servants. God has changed seasons. The "New Thing" is not revival or church as usual.
Affections on the things of this world (cars, houses, lands). Idolatry is coveting the natural things of this world. To be carnally minded is death.
heaven, root, bitterness spring up, crucify, crucified life, selling our birthright, judgment, righteousness, perfection, end of world, end time, last days, sealing gods people, dennis beard ministries
The true Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of God. The "Good News". The Gospel is One God who is One Person.
Angels are ministering spirits for those who are heirs of salvation. Angels work according to the commandment and voice of the Word. Some have entertained angels unawares.
Why is the latter rain so profoundly different from the former rain Pentecost? JESUS, Moses, and Elijah minister. The church is called for the work of the ministry.
What is righteousness? Mystery of Christ Who is One not three. The true JESUS.
Euphrates is drying up. Sign of the end of days. Battle of Armageddon.
Seraphim = burning fiery ones. Cherubim have 4 wings with 4 faces. The church called for the work of the ministry.
God's sword will be on the righteous as well as the wicked. Know the work of God. The righteous shall be saved.
JESUS is a consuming fire! Christians will be clothed upon. We will wear a heavenly body.
The "Great Thing" is the Last Great Rain of God's strength. The latter rain of the Holy Ghost. The church that has grown to the measure and stature of JESUS will be God's instrument.